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Healthy Trucking


Our bodies are an amazing orchestration of network systems that work to keep us alive, healthy and happy. Our emotions affect our physical condition and vice versa. For example, if you get stressed out because there are so many things out of balance in your life, you start to feel sick. Your stomach is in knots, you're tired, your head hurts, your whole body hurts. The body is telling you that there needs to be a correction somewhere.
            Likewise, when you're sick with some ailment or even lack of sleep, the body does not function well and you don't perform well. If you have a cold, your body's energy goes toward fighting off the invader that caused it. You feel run down because your body is telling you to rest. You can only go so far to push yourself beyond what your body will allow, and then you just have to give in and get that sleep and establish that correction.
            If you like to have a cup of coffee to wake you up, and you keep drinking coffee all day, you will notice that the first cup or two does what it is supposed to. But if you pay attention to what happens after that, you will notice that you only become so awake and you don't go beyond that. In fact, you actually start to decrease in alertness and energy by the fourth cup of coffee.
            This is known as an uptake. Your body will shut off the effects of the caffeine to avoid becoming over-stimulated so you don't end up going off the grid and having a heart attack.            
            The same thing hap-pens when you eat the same food repeatedly, day after day. Even if it is healthy food, the body will not absorb all the nutrition from it that it normally would if you maintain a variety of foods. It would be like driving the same road every day, day after day. Before long, you would be sick of it and want to go somewhere different.
            I always say, “Eat a rainbow of colors.” That does not mean a bag of Skittles. We need different fresh, raw fruits and vegetables in our diets. Vitamin C is found in a number of foods but in different compositions with each food. The different acids and phytochemicals help the body to be more receptive to the nutrient, thus becoming better nourished.
            I gained control of my wellness. I lost 180 pounds while driving over the road. I had to make some difficult choices, but as time went on, the choices became easier. I wrote a book, “Nineteen Wheels,” that's an introduction to nutrition principles that can be applied on the road, in addition to an exercise plan. To learn more, check out safetythruwellness.com. Take care and live well.
            Jack Kelsh is an over-the-road professional driver and a certified sports nutritionist.