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Marie Rodriguez

Marie is a professional, over-the-road driver

Mind, Body and Spirit

Free from clutter

Most people have a “junk drawer” in their home, that place for the measuring tape, nails, tacks and twist ties…a handy place to stuff warranty cards and appliance instruction booklets, shoe strings and duct tape.
            But sometimes the clutter expands to the garage, closets and even the truck. And while there isn't anything wrong with holding on to precious mementos, too much clutter can drag you down.
            Do you have broken appliances, out-of- date radios, televisions, unused furniture, clothes that don't fit or are out of style, magazines, paperback books, out-of-style clothing, toys belonging to your now-grown kids, etc. taking up room in your home?
            Making the decision to de-clutter your life can seem overwhelming. But the benefits of letting go of things you don't really need (or maybe don't even want) can bring emotional peace and balance…and improved health.
            When released of unneeded or unwanted things, you begin to lighten up and feel free.
            Three vital questions to ask yourself about clutter items are:
1.            Do you really use the item?
2.            Do you love the item?
3.            Does the item bring out positive or negative emotions?
            Clothes, toys and books are not necessarily clutter if you use them, love them and they bring you joy. But if they are just taking up space and causing stress whenever you look at them, then it is time to let go.
            One way to organize the process is to bring four boxes or bags with you to the area you plan to de-clutter. Label them:
a)            Keep
b)            Recycle/Donate
c)            Throw away
d)            Undecided
            It's okay to make a decision on an item later. But give yourself a time limit.
            Sometimes those of us determined to lose weight and improve our health hold on to clothing we are determined to fit into again, like those jeans from high school. But are they still in style? It is one thing to keep that letter jacket or cheerleader outfit that no longer fits as a memento or treasure, but get rid of those out-of-date clothes and keep only clothing that fits. And then when you DO lose those pounds, reward yourself with something new and in fashion.
            Besides taking up precious room, clutter can be psychologically and emotionally toxic. It brings stress to the mind and body and drags us down.
            Take the time to de-clutter your home and truck and discover the freedom, peace and health that will result.