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Mario Ojeda Jr.

On music


KellyMuch can be said about the benefits of music in relation to wellness, both emotional and physical. From the advent of the iPod back to mysterious instrumental ensembles of ancient cultures and ages beyond, music has been a source of inspiration to many - one that opens a pathway toward incredible physical feats and serene mental repose.
            These days it's typical to see people walking around with white iPod wires hanging from their ears. This phenomenon probably traces back to the 1980s when the Walkman and its AM/FM radio and cassette tapes were popular. Remember those? Now, these devices seem so archaic to most! Just like the Walkman, however, XM Radio has also gone a long way to help many of us drivers enjoy our time behind the wheel.
            A dancing cow is a happier cow. A recent university agricultural sciences study found that dairy cows produced more milk while listening to classical and country music versus rock or hip-hop. Surely, you've also noticed that your ride-along pet has certain choice “rhythm and beat” tunes as well. After a long day of driving, even a trucker needs to wind down with some “jams.” I, for one, love to fall asleep to classical music playing softly in my truck.
            Medical studies also show that music can have a remarkably positive effect on the brain, which affects the entire body. Some of these effects are relief from stress, enhanced breathing, improved blood circulation, relaxed muscles, increased endurance during workouts, and decreased high blood pressure. Mu-sic is being played just about everywhere we go. Even dentists are catching on to the calming effects that music has on patients.
            There is little doubt that music has become a central part of our modern culture. Some music may be deemed distasteful to some, while for others it is considered art. It can be a necessary stimulant in the mornings, a perfect elixir in the afternoon, and a soothing relaxant in the evening. There is music for just about every emotion we experience, good or bad, joyful or sad. It is a constantly evolving part of our daily lives even more so with today's technology. Now, it's time to turn up your radio, sit back and watch the road, because as country singer Jerry Reed famously sang, "We've got a long ways to go and short time to get there!"