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Publisher's Desk

Hypertension Awareness Month

PublisherIt's amazing how quickly the fall season has come! While we certainly have many events we look forward to every year in November, one of them that might not be on the top of our minds is the fact that November is Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month.
            Hypertension is a very common challenge that many of us face on a daily basis and have been doing so for years. That is one of the reasons the Healthy Trucking Association has been devoting so much attention to the issue of high blood pressure.
            It's exciting to know of so many fleets that have installed our blood pressure kiosks in their terminals (we're up to more than 50 across the country now), and perhaps the best news of all is this: we have yet to have a company request to have their machine removed. This is great news since it tells us that wherever machines are put in place and made accessible to drivers, they are used!
            We not only make these machines available to trucking company terminals, but truck stops can also have our machines in their locations. If your fleet's terminal or your favorite truck stops do not currently have one of our blood pressure machines, have them call me and I'll be happy to change that.
            It's proactive measures like these that give us the opportunity to share with everyone just what and who we're thankful for, come Thanksgiving!
            Here's to your health.

Andy Shefsky