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The Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA) was founded in 1997 as the Independent Contractor Owner Operator Association. Since that time, shocking new revelations about how prevalent a total lack of good health has become among company drivers and owner operators have motivated our leadership to make the decision to devote our association to helping our nation’s drivers get healthy and live longer lives. With current statistics showing that over the road professions now have an average life expectancy of less than 60 years, we realized that there was a pressing need within the trucking industry for an organization that is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our commercial driver population. We therefore renamed our association The Healthy Trucking Association of America to reflect our new goals and directives, and have since established the HTAA as the leading authority on driver health and wellness issues.

In February 2009, we hosted our first HTAA Summit in Atlanta, GA (see HTAA Events). We brought together an elite assembly of trucking industry leaders by invitation for the purpose of addressing the current industry need to improve the health of professional drivers and prevent accidents and liability issues created by unhealthy drivers. Our goal is to host this event each year, in February, to continue to provide the trucking industry with information and resources through the best health professionals available.

HTAA is represented at all of the major transportation trade shows, each year, in an effort to bring the message of driver health issues to the forefront.

Through membership in HTAA, you will receive a host of benefits for your entire family. All designed to improve your health and well being.

We invite and encourage you to join the Healthy Trucking Association of America as an individual driver or an entire fleet because “we carry healthy solutions”.